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본 설비는 Stanless Steel Coil 표면의 No.4 및 Coil Polishing을 가공하는 Machine이다. Sand Belt 회전속도와 Coil의 이송속도, Sanding 부하량을 자유롭게 조절할 수 있도록 설계되어 있다. 뿐만 아니라 국내최초로 개발한 Oscillation을 적용함으로써 한층 더 미려한 무늬결의 표면을 가공할 수 있게 되어 User의 다양한 요구를 충족시킬 수 있다.

This facillty is a Polishing Machine that processes the surface of Stanless Steel Coil. It is designed to freely adjust the Sandbelt rotation speed, Coil transfer speed, and Sanding load. In addition, by applying Oscillation, which was developed for the first time in Korea, it is possible to process the surface of a more beautiful and fine patterned resin, which can meet various needs of User.

  • Contact Roll : TAPE SHAFT 적용하여 분해조립이 편리합니다.
  • Belt Tracking Sensor다 공압식 되어 습식 장비에 효율적이다.
  • Oscillation-Plate 사용으로 부드러운 동작이 가능하다.
  • Billy Roll Set UP은 공압식으로 하여 완출이 된다.
  • Sludge 처리용 Filter Conveyor 사용 : 자동으로 폐기물 tank에 적재됩니다.
  • 상하 brush장착 이물질 제거한다.
  • PVA Roll에 Drain 장치설치
  • Dryer heater 장착 (max 150℃)
  • Inlet부분에 Micro Filter 장착
  • Recycle Tank에 Heating 기능추가 (option)
  • F2-Fiter Unit 설치가능 (option)

  • Contact Roll It is convenient to disassemble and assemble by applying TAPE SHAFT.
  • The Belt Tracking Sensor is pneumatic, so it is efficient for wet equipment.
  • Smooth motion is possible by using Oscillation-Plate.
  • Billy Roll Set-UP is completely eliminated by pneumatic method.
  • Use Filter Conveyor for Sludge treatment It is automatically loaded into the waste tank.
  • Remove foreign substances from the upper and lower brushes.
  • Insrallation of Drain Device in PVA Roll
  • Dryer heater in the Inlet (max 150℃)
  • Install the Micro Filter in the Inlet part
  • Adding a heating function to the Cycle Tank (option)
  • F2-Fiter Unit installable (option)


  • Control Systemauto program control of touch screen
  • Tracking SystemAir cylinder control by air sensor
  • Oscillation Systemball & cam type
  • Main motor37Kw / 45Kw
  • Drum dia400 mm
  • Applicationmetal & wood


  • Working width[ Max(mm) ] 1300mm / 1500mm / 2000mm
  • Working Thickness[ mm ] 0.4mm ~ 2.5mm
  • Working Speed [ M/Min] 2-Head : 10-15 / 3-Head : 15-20
  • Belt size[ W x L(mm) ] 1329mm x 3200mm /
    1520mm x 3200mm / 2050mm x 3200mm
  • Control systemAuto Program Control by Touch Screen
  • Tracking systemSensor & Air Cylinder Control
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